This Valentine’s Day, I Fell in Love with a Website!

We talk about odd couples all the time; however, my love story is strictly platonic! I fell in love with a website and I’m pretty sure you will too, that’s how amazing it is! Our story began as a one-sided love story where Jekkles was adamant on helping me out. Eventually I gave in and it quickly escalated to something more serious. It wasn’t after I started reading the Jekkle Reviews that I realized that I might be in love. Availing the Super Saver Mama’s Jekkle Coupon Code confirmed my love for this Online Bookstore. Ours is a story of love and empathy, one of giving and understanding; one that you will most enjoy…

How it began


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It’s crazy, isn’t it? One minute, you’re in love with an amazing guy who manages to sweep you off your feet and the next, your heart belongs to a popular online bookstore!

It all started when I joined university and I was on my lowest, struggling for money to purchase books. Let me tell you something, it’s not easy being a broke student at university! While on my search for the perfect place to purchase books, I stumbled across the advertisement for Jekkles. Clicked on the URL and the page that I was led to, it was love it first site- pun intended!

It spoke to me the words I longed to hear, told me just what I needed to know. I was in love and I was proud to say it! Gone were my troubles to purchasing high priced university books. I could buy uni textbooks second hand, I could even rent textbooks in Australia! It was a dream come true at a time I thought I was lost. What’s better was that I could even purchase stationaries at affordable prices. Let me just tell you, I immediately fell in love and not once did I regret it!

Am I still in a relationship with my boyfriend? Yes, I am. But this Valentine’s Day I’m spending with my one true love, Jekkle. To hold and cherish for the rest of my life…or until university ends, but it is true love! It has been with me through the worst and will stay with me throughout. I’ll never regret it!

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